Crash's Purple Kraut


The Low Down on Purple Kraut

Sauerkraut comes from the German sauer for “sour” and kraut which means “greens”. It is a centuries old tradition originating in Eastern Europe. Regional variations of sauerkraut exist from as far west as the Netherlands and France to as far east as Russia.

It was an important source of nutrients for surviving winter before refrigeration. Crash’s Kraut is made with a relatively traditional and very simple recipe. We start with hand selected cabbage and finely shred it. We then pack it with salt, caraway and bay leaf in a European style fermentation crock for 1-4 weeks.

The difference in our purple and green krauts lies entirely in the subtle differences between our purple and green cabbages. It is reflected almost entirely in vitamin content. Purple cabbage contains more Vitamins A & C while green holds more K. The flavor and structure should be similar between the two, but the appearance is certainly not.


First You Shake It

Sauerkraut juice is the new pickle juice. It's the perfect addition to any dirty martini or tonic spritzer. Check it out. Not only does Crash's Kraut add vitamins and electrolytes, your palate will be tickled pink.


Then You Bake It

It goes well on virtually everything. Sometimes considered a winter dish, it can brighten any summer salad or sandwich. Whether you are thinking barbecue or crock pot, cooking with Crash’s Kraut can liven any dish.